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Price is per piece, not for full lot. Each piece is hand made and one of a kind. They are made from a variety of upcycled material such as leather, plush bodies, beads. Other materials used through out different dolls are fabrics, clay, paints, hot glue, stuffing, felt, and some times wire. These were made to either put in a chest pocket or a drawstring bag that hangs from a belt but really you can do whatever with them. Some do sit on their own while other need to be propped up with a little help.


Pink 1 - is 3 inches tall

Pink 2 - is 3 inches

#1 - is 4 inches tall

Swamp - is 4 inches tall

#3 -  is 4 inches tall

#5 - is 4 inches tall

#6 - is 5 1/2 inches long

7-15 are all about 4 inches tall

Fae Pocket Pals

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